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Beer menu with various options including Coopers Pale Ale, Young Henrys Natural Lager, Black Hops Hazy IPA, and non-alcoholic beverages like fresh coconut and Moda Sparkling Water.
Menu highlights: Sparkling Brut, Piper Champagne, Hidden Sea Rose, Tamburlaine Chardonnay, Santi Pinot Grigio, Red Wines, Sangria, Margaritas, Mojito, Espresso Martinis.
Campari Sour, Bingo Bango, How Slow Can You Go. Classics: Rum Old Fashioned, Barrel Aged Rum Negroni, Pineapple Daiquiri. Exotic Tiki Cocktail Mixes: Mahalo Mai Tai, Trader Vics Mai Tai, Pina Colada, Kraken in a Coconut, Greetings from Jamaica, Singapore Sling, Zombie Skull Puncher. Shared Vibes: The Creature of the Black Lagoon.
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